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Veganism: Just Food or a Way of Life?

“Vegan nutrition”, “vegan diet”, “veganism”. 

Although these terms entered our daily lives recently, still their existence dates several years ago.

Nowadays, in many countries around the world, people have started to familiarize themselves with this new way of life; however, there are many who find it difficult to fully understand or realize what “going vegan” is all about. For that reason, we are going to present to you the most important aspects of “Veganism” and what they resemble.

Mykonos Island in Greece: An alternative escape for your vacations!

Mykonos Island: a destination that has been related to crazy parties, cosmopolitan life, dancing, and fun times.

Every summer people from all around the world visit the well-known “Island of Winds” to experience what the real, Greek summer is all about! Clubs and bars stay open all night long offering the chance of dancing and much more while beach parties and parades on the island’s streets take entertainment to a whole next level!

A different Mykonian Summer in Koukoumi, 1st vegan hotel in Greece

In the last few months, most of us experienced a great shift in our everyday life that put us in a position to reflect on our lifestyle and prioritize our body and mind health. Here, in Mykonos after a long time, the island is so quiet,  nature is so vivid and the crystal sand beaches look as private shelters for their guests who want to find a home away from their home to rejuvenate and relax deeply.  This summer we invite you on a journey to one of the most picturesque Greek islands of Cyclades, Mykonos, at its best!

Mykonos 4 star hotel

News from Koukoumi Hotel, Mykonos 

Koukoumi Boutique Hotel 4* is the 1st and only Vegan hotel in Greece opening this summer in Ano Mera Mykonos. "Koukoumi" in the Myconian dialect means a warm, snuggling place, protected from the wind.

The hotel offers 14 suites and aspires to offer a home not only to vegans but also to travelers, who are seeking a healthy lifestyle during their vacations and want to discover the unspoiled side of Mykonos. 

Outdoor activities in Mykonos

Apart from dancing and clubbing, there’s a vast range of activities to do in Mykonos. Whether you are a novice or experienced all activities are provided by experienced instructors, all you do is enjoy. Transportation to and from your hotel to the location or starting point of your chosen activity can be provided if required. It is important, though, to make your reservations in advance, either online or by phone.


COVID - 19

Koukoumi Hotel is certified with the Health First and Covid shield badge and follows the cleaning and disinfection protocols according to the Greek Ministry of Health guidelines