Explore The Best Tourist Attractions in Mykonos

Explore The Best Tourist Attractions in Mykonos: The Armenistis Lighthouse, Monastery Panagia Tourliani, Gyzi Castle, Rizes  and enjoy daily boat tours!

The Armenistis Lighthouse

The lighthouse is at Fanari hill also known as Vourvoulakas meaning vampire. Vourvoulakas comes from the greek word "Vrykolakas" which means sleepless, meaning in this case that the lighthouse stays awake all night long to protect the ships from any danger. It is near Agios Stephanos beach. On top of one of the highest points, it offers a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea stretching between Mykonos and Tinos. You can visit it at any time of the year and admired the wilderness of the island. Enjoy the sunset, a remote, isolated relic of the past, a tribute to Myko-nos maritime history. Sitting on the stone fenced courtyard of the lighthouse you marvel the mo-ment the sun sets in the brightly colored sea. It is a spectacular scene not to be missed.

Monastery Panagia Tourliani

Located near Ano Mera, it stands humbling but captivating, dating back to the 16th century, with its impressive bell tower, adorned with intricate carvings and a marble fountain in the churchyard.
At first, it had a different name, but when the icon of the Holy Virgin Mary was found on its dome 'Tourlos' it was renamed to Panagia Tourliani.
You can visit it daily, during the morning and early afternoon hours. Appropriate apparel is re-quired as it is a place of worship. It houses a collection of Byzantine icons, a massive baroque 'iconostasis' by a Florentine artist, and a collection of embroideries, liturgical vestments, and wood carvings.

Gyzi Castle

After the fall of Constantinople in 1204, the islands of Tinos and Mykonos were given to the Ghizi brothers from Venice to rule Mykonos until the late 14th century then during the Ottoman rule the castle was deserted and later occupied by pirates. Now you can visit the medieval ruins of the cas-tle on the hill north of Ano Mera, as evidence of Mykonos' rich history.


A local family has founded 'Rizes' meaning 'roots' to preserve and maintain a Mykonian 'spiti' a home. Visitors can experience the Mykonian life of past generations. The founder Nikos Zou-ganelis welcomes visitors to show them the traditional way of life.

Everything is carried out ac-cording to traditional methods passed down from generation to generation before the use of tech-nology, cheese-making process, and wine press are some examples. Visitors can participate in some tasks such as milking a cow, gathering eggs, and spend some hours with the family and share the meal.

Boat tours

Relax on a traditional ‘kaiki’ a fishing boat and discover the hidden beaches on the south coast of Mykonos. Enjoy snorkeling visit the famous Paradise Beach swim in crystal clear waters.
Explore the south coast of Mykonos and its famous cosmopolitan beaches. Stop at some of the best to have some wine or Greek ouzo and lunch at a seaside tavern.

Mykonos Taverns in the sea

Or escape modern reality and take a trip back in time and visit the uninhabited island of Delos and explore the archeological site, filled with the history of the Aegean Sea, its myths and legends. Delos was once the most important trading crossroad of ancient times.

It was the birthplace of Apollo the god of light and music and his sister Artemis the goddess of darkness and hunting, now it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also visit Rhenia, where there are four beaches Gly-fada, Straits, Lia, and Vineyards one of which will help you unwind on the pristine sandy beaches of the island, swim, sunbathe forget all worries simply enjoy.

Vioma Farm

Ii is an old monastery vineyard in Ano Mera, a traditional farm, now run by a family, whose pas-sion for Mykonos rural life has brought them to the island. They produce organic grapes, thanks to the island's microclimate and the extra care they give. Classical music is played during the day as it is believed that grapes become healthy and vigorous.

The farm also includes sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, and their celebrity 'Marika' the donkey. Escape from today's Mykonos and have a refreshing evening at the farm, while listening to music and enjoying your wine accompanied with fresh produce, cheese, eggs, 'horiati', 'louza' and homemade pies in the wood oven. An ideal place for children as well. But you need to make your reservation ahead of time.

Cine Manto, open-air cinema on Mykonos

It is in central Mykonos, protected from the strong winds, but always cool, among the trees. It is a cafe- bar restaurant a getaway from all the hassle of the island. You can watch a film while you enjoy a Greek BBQ meal and a cold drink or tsipouro. The fragrance of gardenia and jasmine fill the evening breeze. You can watch the best box office movies that will satisfy all ages and prefer-ences.

There is so much to do on Mykonos, one visit is never enough. Once visited, you will visit again,

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