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When the excavations started in the nearby island of Delos, the archaeologists needed shelter and Mykonos was there to provide it. Although the locals were poor and lacking basic necessities, they embraced the foreigners as friends sharing with them their humble houses and food. True to the ancient Greek ideal of “philoxenia”, they welcomed the guests with care, warmth and an open heart.

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Mykonos is famous for the traditional Cycladic architecture, for the simplicity of forms and the clarity of shapes. It is here that Le Corbusier inspired by the austere beauty of the buildings and the landscape conceived the phrase “Less is More”.

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Mykonos is an island with turquoise sea water and golden sand beaches, where all elements are in balance: air, fire, water and earth. A place where you can emmerse yourself in healing Nature, discover your inner self and recharge your energy.

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About Us

Being Myconian ourselves, we were inspired by the island’s unique architecture as well as its tradition in genuine hospitality.

With Koukoumi, our passion was to build a home for you, not just a hotel.

A home that we could share with you, as well as our views on a holistic way of life through: our exclusively vegan cuisine, our boho chic suites and facilities like the spa, the gym and the pool.