Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

At Koukoumi, we promote a holistic way of life based on compassion and respect towards the environment, animals and people. Respecting the ecosystem means establishing the best practices regarding sustainability. We care about Mother Earth and we feel responsible to protect it. This land does not belong to us but to our children.

Green Care Professional products

We use eco-effective professional cleaning & care products. The Green Care Professional range has obtained the EU Ecolabel. The complete range guarantees a holistic sustainable cleaning approach for: sanitary rooms, surfaces, floors, glass surfaces.

The materials are safe for humans and environment. The ingredients are biodegradable. Packaging can be recycled. Manufacturer uses non-polluting, renewable energy sources. Water quality and supplies are protected and enriched. Company is committed to advanced social and environmental justice as well as biodiversity.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar energy is a truly renewable energy source which is available every day. Greece, being blessed with high sunshine, is a pioneer in solar water heaters since the 1970’s.

The solar water heater is the simplest and best-known solar appliance. They use the power of sunlight to create heat while cutting down on electricity costs. They reach high temperatures very quickly, saving money and energy.

They are made of high quality, recyclable materials that are durable and environment friendly. Their maintenance cost is very low. Solar heaters are for us another way to show we care about sustainability.

Biological Wastewater Purification

We use a Compact System of Biological Wastewater treatment according to the latest legislation on wastewater management. Sewage Water is recycled.

We collect the water in underground tanks and filter it in three stages:

  • Mechanical filter to remove solid waste. Carbon filter for odor control.
  • Airing with oxygen & use of bacteria enhance the process of purification.
  • Clarification & chlorine disinfection

The water comes out pure and clean and returns back to nature since it is used to water the garden.

Compost Waste

The process of composting is hugely beneficial to the environment, not only because it reduces the amount of food and garden waste thrown away, but also because it reduces the need for artificial fertilizers.

At Koukoumi, we embrace this sustainable practice by creating our own compost heap. In this way, kitchen leftovers but also leaves and grass can be recycled. We collect them in a compost bin designed to hasten decomposition with the help of beneficial microorganisms without releasing methane -a potent greenhouse gas.

Compost becomes a mild natural fertilizer, that won’t burn plants like chemical fertilizers. The soil returning to the ground is enriched with organic matter and valuable nutrients which will improve plant growth supporting their health and fertility.

Future Plans:

Green Roof

Green Roofs are Energy Efficient and have a lot of benefits:

  • They serve as insulation reducing energy costs.
  • They improve air quality around the building, minimizing CO2.
  • They decrease outside noises.
  • They reduce rainwater runoff avoiding gutter overflow.
  • They help solar panels absorb more sunlight making them more efficiently effective.
  • It is a natural form of fire resistance since the plants retain water.
  • Green roofs last longer since roof materials are protected.
  • They are beautiful and can serve as habitat for many types of birds.