Yoga Shala

Having the power to move and the power to stop, we choose to be conscious. 

For the spiritual and wellness lovers we have created a unique Shala, our “Wellness Home” designed to be an outdoor space protected from the wind, built of stone, wood and bamboos, spacious and bright, a zen place to find oneself. 

In this space you may practice your own yoga or attend our Hatha Vinyasa classes, based on your needs that will help you remove daily stress and will offer you inner balance and harmony. 

In order to complete the experience, one has at Koukoumi, in Wellness Home we embrace all forms of spiritual practices and we invite facilitators from all over the world to give classes of meditation, sound meditation, energy healing and breath work.  

If you feel adventurous follow our Yoga Teacher outdoors for yoga at the beaches of Mykonos. 

Koukoumi is not a home.  
It is a place you want to leave your home for. 

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Koukoumi Vegan Hotel yoga collage
  • YOGA, Private class with our Personal Fitness Trainer
    60’ / 50€
    60’ / 65€
    Yoga Nidra, Inner Child, Healing Trauma, Chakra Balance, Forgive Yourself
    30’ / 25€
    *Group rates available upon request