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News from Koukoumi Hotel, Mykonos 

Koukoumi Boutique Hotel 4* is the 1st and only Vegan hotel in Greece opening this summer in Ano Mera Mykonos. "Koukoumi" in the Myconian dialect means a warm, snuggling place, protected from the wind.

The hotel offers 14 suites and aspires to offer a home not only to vegans but also to travelers, who are seeking a healthy lifestyle during their vacations and want to discover the unspoiled side of Mykonos. 


Koukoumihas been brought in life by local family Kondiza and its very existence was inspired by ideals of Kallos (Beauty), Philoxenia (hospitality) & Compassion not only towards animals but also to ourselves.   

Respecting the Myconian traditional architecture, the 14 boho chic suites are decorated with natural material. All elements of the hotel are environmentally friendly and promote sustainable practices. and recycling (Coco-mat vegan mattresses, solar water heaters, magnesium pool, drainage water treatment).  

koukoumi 4 star mykonos accommodation

Vegan Cuisine 

Vegan chef Angeliki Charami (also known from Crudo restaurant, Athens) will be presenting her signature creations. The vegan cuisine is Greek-inspired and has an ethnic, Mediterranean character. The menu comprises of exclusively vegan and raw food recipes. In the breakfast buffet, everything is handmade (bread, cake, cookies, etc) and meals include a variety of soups, salads, fresh pasta, vegan burgers & pizza, poke bowls and desserts. All the food served is handmade, of high quality with minimum processing.  

Vegan Spa 

To help our guests relax, rejuvenate or detoxify the Spa offers a variety of face and body treatments, massages, and a sauna. All spa products are vegan, 100% natural, produced in Greece by essential oils. They are not tested on animals; they do not contain any synthetic preservatives and have recyclable packaging.  

Fitness Center 

In the ergonomically designed fitness room, a specialized personal trainer creates custom made cross-functional training programs, using elastic bands, balls or weights helping you achieve the maximum results. Group programs (stretching, pilates) are offered as well as outdoor activities like running in the countryside and beach training.  

Special Programmes 

Our visitors during their stay in Koukoumi, can choose among three packages Detox, Energy Boost or Relax –which include accommodation, special vegan menus, spa treatments, and training programmes. 




COVID - 19

Koukoumi Hotel is certified with the Health First and Covid shield badge and follows the cleaning and disinfection protocols according to the Greek Ministry of Health guidelines