Ano Mera
A traditional haven in the heart of Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most popular travel destinations around the world. Known for its warmth and variance, Mykonos reflects the hospitality that the locals offer to many visitors every year. On the one hand, we have a cosmopolitan Mykonos with intense nightlife and parties that last all night long; whereas on the other hand, we have a tranquil and rejuvenating shelter for those who prefer quiet moments of rebirth under the unique Mykonian sun.

Such shelter is the picturesque village of Ano Mera that offers a nice break from the jet-set crowd. Situated in the heart of the island, just 8 km from Chora, Ano Mera, is a destination that will catch the traveler’s attention. The combination of classic Cycladic beauty the village has, along with its scenic alleys and traditional taverns will give you a real taste of what living “the Greek traditional way” feels like.

Everything is centered around a large public square and the “maze” of connected lanes that branch out from it. There you can find lots of traditional bakeries, cafes, and taverns and enjoy a real taste of the local life at the island. 

Popular Attractions & Places to see in Ano Mera:

Panagia Tourliani Monastery: One of the most significant and must-visit places in Ano Mera, just 8km from Mykonos town. Named after the dome of the church the Monastery is named after an icon of the Virgin Mary . Panagia Tourliani was founded in 1542 by the monks of Katapoliani of Paros. Later in 1767, a restoration took place that resulted in its present shape. Its architecture is impressive, especially the part which belongs to the belltower.

In the monastery’s yard, there is a marble fountain, which has sculptured decorations, while the superb wood-carved "templo" of the church has been constructed in Florence. A museum operates inside the monastery, which features religious exhibits like vestments, Byzantine and Renaissance icons, the first bells of the monastery, and other ecclesiastical gems. Panaghia Tourliani is considered the Patron saint of the island and is celebrated on the l5th of August.

The Artificial Lake of Ano Mera Dam: The artificial lake is situated 10km away from Chora. It was built many years ago – outside the village of Ano Mera – to solve the problem of water supply and irrigation on the island (during the summer period). The artificial lake is not only useful for gathering water but a shelter for different migratory birds in the autumn months.

Due to the variety of migratory species in the area, the Municipality of Mykonos organizes a birdwatching event in the dam. Many people gather during this event to watch the birds that choose the lake as their temporary shelter during the fall. Apart from birdwatching, the visitors can enjoy other activities such as horse riding – provided nearby – by a professional riding instructor. Also, the excursion to the lake can be combined with a stop at a beach nearby, Fokos, which is easily and quickly accessible.

The Paleokastro Monastery: An 18th-century monastery situated on a hill north of the town of Ano Mera. Its name means “old castle” and visitors can witness the remains of the historic Byzantine castle that once stood there. The square, white-washed building was once a nunnery and is one of the island’s historical treasures. Right next to it lies an ancient menhir that according to legend has been a gravestone or even a symbol of worship in the past. 

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