Hospitality goes Vegan
The rise of Vegan Hotels

Going vegan is the new thing! The truth is that veganism has become an increasingly popular lifestyle choice over the past few years. This new lifestyle that veganism suggests has been adopted by many people from all around the world. Today, veganism has been expanded in most sectors of modern societies and hospitality sector could not be an exception.  

Why choose a vegan hotel?

Because they aim in introducing a whole new experience that goes beyond food!  Let us have a closer look at what distinguishes a vegan hotel from a typical one; A vegan hotel will never use filled pillows, wool blankets, or leather chairs. It also means that all the decorations are carefully selected to be vegan. For most self-catering options, it also means that you are not allowed to cook any of your non-vegan food at the establishment.

Concerning its amenities, in case it has a spa, it is also using vegan-friendly products. Finally, Vegan Hotels offer exclusively vegan options at their menus. For vegans, it is much preferable to know that there is a hotel that supports the lifestyle they follow. Moreover, a vegan hotel can help you with any vegan inquiry about the local area.

Can non-vegans stay in a vegan hotel?

Vegan hotels welcome both vegans and non-vegans, on the condition that they respect the hotel’s philosophy and principles. There are no restrictions concerning your stay, on the contrary, you get to explore a new way of life. From food tasting to finding inner balance by practicing healthy activities related to this way of life (e.g., yoga).

Vegan Hotels: The Greek Example

As we mentioned above more and more vegan hotels promote a healthier and more sustainable way of life. Such an example is Koukoumi Hotel. The first and only vegan hotel in Greece. Founded in 2020 by the Kontiza family, the hotel aims to promote an alternative way of life. Inspired by the elements of nature, simplicity, sustainability, and of course, veganism. The vision of Kontiza family was to bring a breath of fresh air into the hospitality sector and build upon a new philosophy: to enjoy life without harming animals, the environment, or ourselves. Situated in a hillside near Ano Mera, Koukoumi Hotel, turned out to be the crown jewel in α cruelty-free living.

All elements are carefully selected to be environmentally friendly, respecting human needs, and promoting sustainability and recycling (animal-free furnishings, Coco-mat vegan mattresses, solar water heaters, drainage water treatment).  Koukoumi’s Vegan Spa uses only  cruelty-free, plant-based products and all the aromatherapy oils used come from Greek plants including lavender, bergamot, and juniper.

As for the cuisine, Koukoumi boasts a fully vegan restaurant that uses only locally sourced ingredients. Guests can look forward to a breakfast buffet full of  handmade breads, cakes, cookies, condiments, and omelets. During the day, there’s plenty of raw vegan options as well as puddings and homemade ice cream and waffles. The hotel also offers tailor-made nutritional programs and for those who want to follow a stricter schedule  and combine it with special fitness programs  and yoga classes. Both activities can take place both indoors and outdoors under the supervision of a fitness instructor and a yoga master, respectively.

COVID - 19

Koukoumi Hotel is certified with the Health First and Covid shield badge and follows the cleaning and disinfection protocols according to the Greek Ministry of Health guidelines