Dream Body the Vegan Way




You can build the body of your dreams no matter what your training choices may be while at the same time being vegan. It may sound contradictory but it is not, as proved by the Olympic Games’ athletes of the antiquity, who were forbidden to consume meat. Our certified personal trainer & sports nutrition advisor can show you how with cross functional training programs especially created for you.

A number of different props are used like: TRX, elastic & resistance bands, kettlebells, free weights, balls (bossu, fitness, pilates), sandbags sand disks, as well as a cross fit rack, a spinning bike and a rowing machine that will maximize your training combination and lift up your results.

For the spiritual and wellness lovers, Koukoumi Hotel, offers Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga classes, that will help remove your daily stress and offer you a unique inner balance and harmony.

Τrain your body and spirit, through fitness exercises or yoga classes, based on your own needs and preferences. Either indoors in the ergonomically designed fitness room, or outdoors, on the hills or beaches of Mykonos, under the guidance of your personal trainer or Yoga Master. follow the personal trainer outdoors for running sessions on the hills or beaches of Mykonos.

Focused Exercise brings Optimum Results and a desired balance between mind and soul.

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  • Functional Training
    50€ 1 person
    75€ 2 people
  • Yoga Session
    50€ 1 person
    75€ 2 people
  • Yoga Session on the beach
    65€ 1 person
    95€ 2 people

Fitness & Yoga Personal Sessions

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