Harmony, Balance & Inner Peace




Koukoumi Spa is a place devoted to detox, stress release and wellbeing, designed to provide the ideal equilibrium for body & soul. It is a haven of relaxation where you can rejuvenate yourself and unwind with soothing massages, healing treatments for face & body or by using the sauna.

Only premium certified organic cosmetics are used which are 100% vegan natural and cruelty free. The products have a unique wooden handmade recyclable packaging. By maximizing what Nature has to offer, a well-cared skin becomes beautiful, healthy looking and radiant. All the aromatherapy oils derive from typical plants of the Greek flora like: Lavender, Rosemary, Marjoram, Sage, Basil, Bergamot, Juniper and they have muscle releasing, detoxifying or uplifting properties.


  • Koukoumi Relaxation for Two: A couple’s treatment that starts off with a full body cleansing exfoliation, followed by a massage with the intensity of your choice and a facial suited to your needs.
    120 min./ 290€
  • Koukoumi Energy Boost: A full body cleansing scrub, a massage with the intensity of your choice and facial.
    100min/ 160 €
  • Koukoumi Pure Detox: A full body clay mask,a relaxing massage and facial.
    100min/160 €


  • Inner Peace: A relaxing full body massage using light/medium pressure.
    60min/ 90€
  • Muscle Release: A full body deep tissue massage targeting muscular tension using invigorating movements and stretches.
    70 min./100€
  • Thai Traditional Massage: A massage without oil using stretches and applying pressure on the muscles and energy lines, promoting physical and mental relaxation.
    90 min./ 130€
  • Back and Head: A back, neck and head massage with the intensity of your choice.
    45 min./ 70€
  • Vital Boost: An intense leg massage that leaves you feeling lighter.
    45 min./ 70€


  • Ageless Beauty: A deeply hydrating treatment that stimulates the skins natural activity and replenishes its moisture.
    50 min/80€
  • Refresh: A facial that is tailor made for all skin types and needs.
    50 min./70€
  • After Sun: A refreshing and cooling treatment that soothes the skin after a long day under the sun.
    30 min./50€


  • Soft Glow: A relaxing body treatment that starts in the sauna followed by a full body exfoliation that leaves the skin soft and hydrated.
    50 min./70€
  • Sunset: A cooling full body mask that restores the skins hydration after a day under the sun.
    30 min./50€


  • We suggest you book your session ahead of time to make sure the sauna will be available.
  • We recommend a duration of maximum 20 min.
  • For the optimum relaxation you can pair it with a treatment of our spa menu.
    20 min./15€ per person.

COVID - 19

Koukoumi Hotel is certified with the Health First and Covid shield badge and follows the cleaning and disinfection protocols according to the Greek Ministry of Health guidelines