Discover the Secrets of Mykonos

Early excavations at the ancient site of Delos brought archeologists from across Europe to the remote and isolated island of the time. On Mykonos, however, they found accommodation and peace. Through word of mouth Mykonos gained popularity among artists, celebrities, politicians, and the elite class, seeking privacy. Eventually, the island became one of the top tourist destinations in the world.


This summer explore and discover the lesser-known Mykonos. The real authentic Mykonos that lies well hidden in the secluded coves, remote villages. Mingle with locals and join them in their daily chores and activities as they were done before technology. Savor, local specialties and dance to their music, drink 'tsipouro', and ouzo as you listen to their narrations of legends and long past but not forgotten stories.

Surprise your taste buds

Get away from the hordes and blasting music of beach bars, the frantic parties, and Festivals. High-class restaurants with famous chefs and exclusive cuisine can be enjoyed practically everywhere, around the world. You can find such restaurants in Mykonos to satisfy the most demanding taste buds.

But while in Mykonos eat like a real Mykonian at local taverns, savor tastes you cannot find elsewhere. Organic, local wine from the vineyards of Ano Mera, 'kopanisti' special cow or goat milk cheese, 'louza' a ham made only in Mykonos. Most taverns serve Greek homemade dishes, like zucchini pie, 'gemista' (stuffed tomatoes or peppers), and grilled lamb from their farms. 'Horiatiki' salad with aromatic tomatoes, fresh cucumber, capari, and feta cheese on top. All with the added extra flavor of olive oil.

A Night to Remember

Nightlife, clubbing, and dancing to the morning early hours have made Mykonos the party island of Cyclades. You will be entertained by famous singers, meet world-famous celebrities, dancing and drinking right next to you. But there is so much more to do.

Why not try something more romantic, pick one of the many sunset boat trips, enjoy the moment the sun disappears in the Aegean waters and the blue sky turns all hues of orange and pink. The shades of sunset reflect against the whitewashed buildings of Little Venice on the waterfront of Chora. Take your other one and head to a quiet beach such as Panormos or Agios Sostis, listen to your music bring your wine along.

You can also enjoy a night 'picnic' basket and enjoy it under the starry sky, listen to the waves on the pebbles, and cherish the silver reflection of the dazzling moon on the sea,

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Unwinding is the key

Kalafatis beach in Ano Mera is an alternative to the more cosmopolitan beaches such as Paradise and Psarou. A beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters, its location protects it from the winds 'meltemia'. Less expensive sunbeds or umbrella! It's an ideal spot for quiet relaxation, sunbathing, and swimming. Seaside cozy, secluded taverns serve fresh seafood and delicious traditional dishes. Try grilled fresh fish, shrimp 'saganaki', stuffed vine leaves. Appreciate the beauty of the island enjoying your meal with a panoramic view of the Aegean.

Discover the local color of Mykonos

Art and cultural events take place throughout the summer, open-air concerts, art exhibitions, the annual Gay Festival. But while visiting the island why don't you check out for more local, cultural and traditional feasts. Practically, every month there is a religious feast happening in a village to honor their saint. There is traditional music, dance, and a plethora of local delicacies and wine. Old customs and traditions revive.

On the second Sunday of September, the Harvest Festival is held outside the agricultural Mykonos Museum which is housed in one of the world-famous Mykonos Windmills. Visit Mykonos 'Vioma' farm in Ano Mera, in September, during harvest season, for a chance to stomp grapes in the preparation of winemaking. This is the best way to mix with the locals and get acquainted with their customs and beliefs.

When in Mykonos live as a Mykonian

Traditional whitewashed maze of alleys. Brightly painted balconies and bougainvilleas fill the streets of Mykonos town. You never get lost as you keep walking you always end up at the seafront, Little Venice, and the Windmills on either side. From there you can choose your escape route either by boat to explore seaside villages and beaches or by car and if you are more adventurous by cycling. Follow the trails inland, ride amidst the fragrant fields. You will spot whitewashed churches scattered afar, and villages whose inhabitants preserve the old Mykonian way of life.

Some farms welcome visitors to experience the routine of agricultural life, you can help out with some tasks, milk a cow, collect eggs help light the wood oven to cook the meal. Others offer cooking lessons, learn how to open your phyllo, and make your favorite pie. Then join the family in a typical traditional homemade meal. Freshly baked bread, organic 'horiatilki' all picked just a few minutes earlier from the farm. Drink homemade wine or 'tsipouro' and end your meal with songs and dance.

It is worthwhile spending time on Mykonos to discover the authenticity of the Mykonian life. It is a unique and unforgettable experience.


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