Best day trips from Mykonos

The best way to see Mykonos and visit its stunning beaches is beach hopping by boat, buy a day pass and visit as many as you can.


From Platis Gialos to Elia Beach

From Platys Gialos boats depart every hour, so no need to rush, you can always hop on the next one. However, it is wise to book your ticket in advance especially during peak season.

Some boats were old wooden fish boats "'kaikia; but now they take tourists on a cruise around the island. You have the opportunity to visit as many beaches as you wish, while passing by the most popular ones, like Ornos, Paradise, Paraga, and Elia. Bear in mind that sometimes during the 'meltemi' season ''strong northern wind' the services may be canceled.

The boats stop at all beaches letting people on and off, the last beach being Elia.
You can take land transport from any beach if you wish for your return

Glass Bottom Boat

Boats depart daily from Platys Gialos for the most famous as well as lesser-known beaches of Mykonos. Discover the beauty of underwater marine life and ancient Greek civilization buried in the sand. Enjoy swimming at most beautiful remote, secluded bays. Cruising towards the eastern end of the island you pass by beaches and bays that can only be admired and approached by boat. Boats may stop at Kalafatis or Loulos beach and if the wind permits you can reach the rocky isle of Dragonisi. You can swim and go snorkeling in the most amazing waters of the Aegean.

Best day trips from Mykonos

Mykonos Best Beaches

Super Paradise Beach lies beside Paradise Beach, taxi- boats can take you there and farther to Ornos and Platis Gialos. Super Paradise Beach, though less organized, remains the most popular beach and attracts visitors from all walks of life. On the other hand, on Paradise Beach, there are plenty of facilities, umbrellas, sunbeds, showers, and most popular beach bars and clubs where you can party from midday till early morning hours.

Psarou Beach, only 5km from Chora, attracts celebrities from around the world. It is a well-organized sandy beach with clear turquoise waters. There are plenty of facilities for water sports, scuba diving, jet skis funs. You can dine at the famous Nammos Restaurant.

But for a more quiet beach, opt for Paraga which is two beaches separated by a headland protecting the southern side from 'meltemia'.

Elia beach the last stop of the boat trip by 'kaiki'. It is the longest sandy beach on Mykonos. It is well-organized, with a variety of water sports facilities. You can enjoy your meal or drink at one of the many taverns or bars.
During summer months finding an umbrella or sunbed may be challenging, it is advisable to book one online before visiting any beach.

Mykonos Elia beach Greece

Day trip to Tragonisi or Dragonis

Go on a day cruise on a traditional wooden fish boat, 'kaiki” and explore the southern beaches of Mykonos and Tragonis. It is a small, rocky uninhabited island. It is a protected nature reserve and the natural habitat of monachus- monachus seals, which are seen swimming near the “seal cave” visited only by experienced divers. A unique landscape, with its breathtaking sea caves.

Relax enjoy the sun and cool off in the deep blue waters, excellent for snorkeling. You can swim to the interior of the cave and explore its seabed, masks are provided if required the yellow sea anemone can be spotted there too. There is a small church dedicated to Virgin Mary and it celebrates on June 11 every year, with a feast, food, and music, but for some reason, only men are allowed to attend the event.

Sailing to Rhenia

Rhenia island is just 9km south of Mykonos, reached by boat for a day trip to the island. It is usually an 8-hour trip which may include a visit to Delos a worthwhile opportunity while in Mykonos. You can visit the island by boat, on your own or a guided cruise the choice is yours. It is bigger than Delos and a protected archeological site. It is separated from Delos by a small strait of two rocky isles.

There you can see ruins of an ancient temple and a church. There are four beaches on the island, Glyfada, Stena, Amelia, and Lia with crystal clear waters with hues of blue and green as you go deeper. The island has few inhabitants mainly the guards of the ancient ruins. Rehnia has a long history associated with Delos. As Delos was a sacred place Athenians transferred all patients and even bones of the dead to Rhenia which were discovered later in 1900 and now are exhibited in the Museum of Mykonos

Day cruises to the nearby Cyclades

Mykonos location amidst the Cyclades Islands allows you to visit nearby islands such as Tinos, Naxos, and Koufonissia just to name a few.
However, one must keep in mind the distance between the islands may not seem far, but you must consider the time at the ports, and check the boat/ferry schedule as it tends to change during peak season. From Mykonos to Tinos by ferry, the trip is about 30min. or take a day cruise.

There are many things to do and places to visit. The first place would be the Church of Panagia Evengelistria, daily sight-seeing tours are available, which is the best ways to most of the island, Visit a museum, swim at Panormou, Agios Sostis Beach enjoy lunch at a seaside tavern and then hop on to the ferry for another island or back to Mykonos

Naxos is also another fantastic island to visit just 45min from Mykonos by ferry, or check daily cruises. It is very impressive, with a picturesque village and many attractions to see. Koufonissia is for nature lovers with numerous beaches, though, not organized, but perfect for swimming, in secluded coves. You can explore the island mostly on foot or cycling, and visit Chora, the only village on the island where you can eat a traditional meal.

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