Vegan Hotel
The first award-winning vegan hotel in Greece

In the heart of one of the most famous and cosmopolitan islands of Greece, Mykonos, lies a new travel destination bearing the name Koukoumi Hotel: The first and only vegan hotel in Greece.

How Koukoumi Vegan Hotel came to life

Founded in 2020 by the Kontizas family, the hotel aims to promote a new and alternative way of life; inspired by the elements of naturesimplicitysustainability, and of course, veganism. The vision of the Kontizas family was to bring a breath of fresh air into the hospitality sector and build upon a new philosophy: to enjoy life without harming animals, the environment, or ourselves. Situated in a hillside near Ano Mera, Koukoumi Hotel, turned out to be the crown jewel in cruelty-free living. luxury.

The vegan philosophy expresses what the Kontizas family feels for Mykonos: to enjoy life with respect towards nature, the animals and to ourselves maintaining at the same time good health, wellness and embracing simplicity in our lives.

The Kontiza family is not another family who wanted to make a new investment on the island; Born and raised in Ano Mera the family’s traditional house lies next to Koukoumi Vegan Hotel, as a reminder of the values, such as simplicity, fairness and philoxenia, by which they were raised.

The family’s memories at Mykonos island have a taste of thyme and saltiness. These simple yet vivid images are the ones, the family wants to introduce to the world - a side of Mykonos that few have met.

This is how Koukoumi Vegan Hotel came to life. And here the “wind blows differently” as the family states.

First place in the Vegan Hotel of the Year category

Recently, Koukoumi Hotel’s vision and philosophy were acknowledged at the First Vegan Awards Ceremony in Greece. The awards aim to reward and recognize the innovative products and services offered by companies that promote a vegan way of life. In other words, a “modus vivendi” that does not include any form of animal, food and/or clothing exploitation, etc. Koukoumi Hotel received two distinctions. The former includes First place in the Vegan Hotel of the Year category. The latter includes the highest place in the main category of Services, where Koukoumi Hotel received a Platinum Award

The aforementioned distinctions come to recognize and add extra value to this state-of-art hotel. And for a good reason. From the very first moment you arrive at Koukoumi Hotel, you can see and understand this new philosophy that the hotel promotes. All elements are carefully selected to be environmentally friendly, respecting human needs, and promoting sustainability and recycling (animal-free furnishings, Coco-mat vegan mattresses, solar water heaters, drainage water treatment). 

100% Vegan experience

Moreover, Koukoumi Hotel includes a spa, a fitness center, and a magnesium pool. The spa is stocked with cruelty-free, plant-based products that all come in handmade, recyclable packaging whereas all of the aromatherapy oils used come from native plants including lavender, bergamot, and juniper – famed for their muscle releasing, detoxifying, and uplifting properties. As for cuisine, Koukoumi boasts a fully vegan restaurant that uses locally sourced ingredients. Guests can look forward to a buffet breakfast of handmade bread, cake, cookies, condiments, and omelettes and during the day, there’s plenty of raw vegan food as well as puds like homemade ice cream and waffles. The hotel also offers tailor-made nutritional programs and for those who love body and mind balance they can make use of either the fitness center or take on some yoga classes. Both activities can take place both indoors and outdoors under the supervision of a fitness instructor and a yoga master, respectively. 

Just a 5-day visit is all you need to understand, embrace and adopt this new way of life that Koukoumi Hotel offers. 


COVID - 19

Koukoumi Hotel is certified with the Health First and Covid shield badge and follows the cleaning and disinfection protocols according to the Greek Ministry of Health guidelines