Koukoumi Vegan Hotel
A Safe Myconian Gem that Promotes Sustainability!

Recently there has been a lot of talk around Sustainable Hotels and how they contribute and promote the protection of the environment while showcasing the natural beauties of a destination. 

What makes a hotel sustainable?

By its definition, a Sustainable Hotel reduces the environmental impact through green practices. These include the use of organic materials on items such as towels or bed sheets, the use of low-consumption illumination and water-saving systems, serving local organic food in restaurants, incorporating recycling and composting programs, or even basing the main part of their energy supply in renewable energies. Hotels that follow these practices not only tend to attract environmentally conscious travellers, but they manage to stand out from the competition. 

The Koukoumi Vegan Hotel

Such an example is Koukoumi Vegan Hotel. Situated in Ano Mera, Mykonos the hotel functions by implementing sustainable practices for the ecosystem and Mother Earth. Specifically, Koukoumi Vegan Hotel uses eco-friendly cleaning products that guarantee a holistic sustainable cleaning approach both for sanitary rooms, surfaces, floors, or even glass surfaces. These materials are safe for both humans and the environment while the ingredients are biodegradable, and packaging can be recycled. Moreover, Koukoumi Vegan Hotel has a compact system of biological wastewater treatment according to the latest legislation on wastewater management. The water is recycled by collecting it in underground tanks and there is filtered through three stages. The water that comes out is pure and clean and returns to nature since it is used to water the garden. Furthermore, Koukoumi Vegan Hotel makes use of solar water heaters by creating heat with the power of sunlight; This way not only do they reach high temperatures quickly, but they save money, energy and cut down on electricity costs. 

Also, Koukoumi Vegan Hotel embraces composting as a sustainable practice by creating its compost heap. This way, kitchen leftovers but also leaves and grass can be recycled. The process of composting is hugely beneficial to the environment, not only because it reduces the amount of food and garden waste thrown away, but also because it reduces the need for artificial fertilizers. These sustainable and environmentally - friendly practices are not limited only to the aforementioned. The hotel has embraced this new sustainable approach in its suits, cuisine, and surroundings (animal-free furnishings, Coco-mat vegan mattresses, plant-based products, etc.).

Safety comes first at Koukoumi hotel

Apart from the sustainable practices that Koukoumi Vegan Hotel promotes, recently it has been certified with all the necessary certifications and protocols, regarding the safety measures, a Hotel needs to follow, due to the pandemic.  

The COVID-19-proof strategies of the Hotel aim in providing useful information about health - care providers, reference hospitals for Covid-19, pharmacies, etc. Concerning the indoor and outdoor spaces, all of them are frequently disinfected whereas all members are informed about the health and safety protocols, follow social distancing rules and wear masks and disposable gloves. Hand sanitisers are stored in every room while guests receive an antiseptic hand lotion upon their arrival at the hotel. Restaurant tables are placed in a way that safe distance is kept between diners, whereas meals may be served in the outdoor area. Last but not least the hotel offers the possibility for a contactless check-in to its guests.

Koukoumi Vegan Hotel is a peaceful “green sanctuary”, for those who seek moments of relaxation and rejuvenation, and a safe shelter where guests can enjoy their vacations in a secure environment in nature.


COVID - 19

Koukoumi Hotel is certified with the Health First and Covid shield badge and follows the cleaning and disinfection protocols according to the Greek Ministry of Health guidelines