Mykonos Island in Greece An alternative escape for your vacations!

Mykonos Island: a destination that has been related to crazy parties, cosmopolitan life, dancing, and fun times.

Every summer people from all around the world visit the well-known “Island of Winds” to experience what the real, Greek summer is all about! Clubs and bars stay open all night long offering the chance of dancing and much more while beach parties and parades on the island’s streets take entertainment to a whole next level!

Nonetheless, Mykonos is much more than busy streets and hectic nightlife. Behind all these, the island hides several beauties and places away from the crowded streets and bars, that not only will motivate you to discover them but make you visit the island again - again! 

Let us navigate you by giving you a glimpse of what the alternative, majestic and spiritual side of Mykonos is all about!

Mykonos Highlights

Frangia beach: Perhaps one of the most private beaches of the island, Frangia Beach is a sandy, quiet and isolated beach – haven with crystal clear turquoise waters. A picture-perfect setting for those who want to experience an “all by myself” moment at the beach. Frangia beach is located on the way to Lia beach which is connected via a rough dirt road. Before getting there make sure you have water or food with you since the nearest market is 1,5 kilometers away. 

Fokos beach: Isolated with thick sand and rocks all around it creating a wild landscape, Fokos Beach is the ideal place for those who seek moments of isolation and relaxation away from the island’s crowded beaches. Its clean sandbanks and waters will lift your spirit up!

The beach is situated on the wilder northwestern coast of the island near Ano Mera.

Ftelia beach: A stunning bohemian yet windy place, Ftelia beach is a quiet destination that looks like a lagoon due to the rocks that surround it. Ftelia hosts many windsurfing games with participants from all over the world. Apart from windsurfing, Ftelia can offer you both fun and relaxation thanks to the sunbeds available for tanning and napping. Ftelia beach is also the perfect destination for photography lovers. Whether you want to surf the clear waters or simply enjoy a more tranquil scene, Ftelia Beach is the right place for you! Ftelia Beach is located north-east side of Mykonos town. 

Merchia Beach: This tiny beach is tucked away in the northeastern side of Mykonos. Located 12 kilometers from Mykonos Town, Merchia Beach remains natural and authentic, is a fine sandy beach, with deep clear waters, and there are some trees nearby that can offer you shade. Stay here until the sunrise and watch the fishermen’s houses and the chapel of St. Nicholas twinkle in the dark.

Delos: Just 20 minutes away from Mykonos harbor lies the sacred island of Delos the birthplace of the Olympian Gods, Artemis, and Apollo. The on-site museum has one of the finest collections of ancient Greek sculptures, as well as displays exhibiting numerous artifacts recovered from excavations around the island. These artifacts give an insight into the daily life of the ancient inhabitants of the island. Due to its archaeological importance, Delos is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Museums: Mykonos is a place with great history; The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos hosts a large collection of exhibits from the Hellenistic period and pre-historic times. Moreover, the Agricultural and Folklore Museum will give you insight information of how the agricultural and traditional life of the island was in the last century; Last but not least the Maritime Museum will unfold all the nautical history of the island through instruments tools, and various exhibits.